Ongoing Teaching Schedule

UPCOMING CANCELATIONS or SUBS   by other teachers          MAY 17, @Noon, Barbara subs for Colleen at the Y Wellness Center teaching a slow flow class                  


11:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. 
Beginner Yoga
YMCA, Wellness Center branch
1735 Heckle Blvd., Rock Hill
Free with YMCA membership


5:45 - 7 p.m.  
Mixed Level Yoga 

Gettys Arts Center  
201 E. Main St., Rock Hill
By donation; $10 suggested

All Levels Flow

Slow flow class suitable for most students.  Students should be able to hold downward dog comfortably.


Perfect for beginners, older students, those healing from injuries, or for anyone wanting to cultivate a deeper awareness of breath & alignment in the postures.  A mix of breathing, stretching, strength-building, & balance; lots of detailed instruction for each posture; props used to make some postures more accessible.  Little to no flow.

Chair Yoga

If getting up and down off the floor is difficult due to age, injury, or weight, consider chair yoga! The chair is used as a yoga prop, so we’ll practice poses either seated, standing near or holding onto the chair. If participants are able to use the chair to get to the floor and back up without other assistance, we may rest in our final relaxation pose (Savasana) on the floor. You must determine at home, before you come, if you can get up and down off the floor safely. Expect strength-building poses and balance poses, plus breathing practices and healing sounds to move energy and nourish organs.

Gentle Yoga

No prior yoga experience needed for this class.  Suitable for anyone who is able to get up & down from floor. Class will include yoga breathing, stretches for all parts of the body, & some basic standing, seated & balance poses.  

Intermediate Flow

Slow vinyasa flow class that’s best for advanced beginners to intermediate/advanced students--those familiar with yoga poses & who have a solid practice.  Expect more difficult sequencing & more difficult postures, including back-bends, inversions & arm balances.

Mixed Level Yoga

A therapeutically-based slow flow class with breathing practices, chanting and meditation. Will offer pose variations so everyone feels safe, yet challenged.  May do deep stretch or yin yoga on occasion.

Yin Yoga

Based on the Taoist yoga tradition and the principles of yin and yang, Yin yoga works deeper than more “yang” styles of yoga (which focus on muscular strength and stretch through movement), and targets the joints, tendons and ligaments and the myofascial web of connective tissue that covers and interpenetrates every cell of our body. The fascia is where we hold emotional trauma, so practicing Yin yoga is an excellent way to help release some of those deeply stored emotions. Yin is practiced primarily on the floor, with long holds and relaxed muscles. While Yin yoga is deeply relaxing, it can be very challenging due to the long holds. It’s an excellent way to practice letting go! I recommend wearing layers and bringing a block and blanket to

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